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Tachyallassothermic molds

From the Greek words:

Tachy = rapid

Allasso = change or exchange

Thermé = heat

In a nutshell…

Tachythermtm molds are better because they run faster than ordinary molds. They are built by a patented process, which produces a mold with unsurpassed cooling efficiency, through the use of highly thermally conductive materials and conformal cooling channels. Since cooling times with conventional injection molds are routinely 60-90% of entire injection molding cycles, this cooling efficiency typically equates to a reduction of total molding cycle time in the range of 20-50%.

Compared to conventional molds, cooling in a Tachythermtm mold is not only faster, but also more uniform. As a result, part distortion from locally varying shrinkage is reduced. Therefore, a Tachythermtm mold will produce better parts, faster, and with less energy.

Bottom line: Tachythermtm molds save you money!


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